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Thursday, 18 February 2016


So the market is recuperating, like me. It’s a real nice feeling, as for the stock markets this feeling gives faith and hope to small retail investors that things will improve and so let’s move on. Many analysts have termed the last few days stock market movements as a bear rally. How do we understand that? After bulls now bears are also rallying….. too much ho gaya yeah to… First of all we are not able to understand why one fine day, the bulls start rallying, without any reason. We have to break our heads. Okay Draghi said something…. Okay.. Yellen didn’t say anything. Mr. Kuroda did something. Last but not the least our Prime Minister wants to do so something….. and the bulls start without knowing where they are heading….. pretty funny…. but complicated too.

What ever is this bear rally…. Informed investors can sell some of their unwanted stuff and re-balance their portfolios. Okay now the best news over the last two days. OPEC and Russia have come together to freeze their output to January levels to improve crude prices. Iran and Iraq have also welcomed this move without committing any output levels. This is a big step by oil producing countries and will definitely yield results in the long term. Though speculation is rife that all members may not honor this commitment going back to what happened in 2001, things are really bad this time and OPEC members and Russia might have to stick together for reducing their budget deficits and improving market share. You never know, shale oil producers might give tacit support to this agreement and we may see oil in the range of $ 50 by the year end.

As for us, just four days for the budget session to start and then getting stalled for no reason. Please tell them to let the parliament function and pass important bills so that we can have a real bull rally for valid reasons.

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