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Monday, 2 May 2016


Being a central banker is the toughest job in any country, there would be so many people vouching for it. On a lighter note, may be that's why the British have a Canadian as their central bank governor. For the rest of us, national pride stalls mobility of labour for this esteemed job profile. Of course we Indians have always been self sufficient and lucky when it comes to our central bank governors but others, especially our developed counterparts may need some help. I mean, the US, Europe and Japan, with similar economic issues of deflation, low growth, insufficient private investment and even common inflation target of 2%, can even go for rotational shift every six months. Well, if it didn't work in India in 1997, doesn't mean it won’t work anywhere else.  

All this might seem funny, but it is better to be funny than being precarious every time FED, ECB or BoJ announcement comes out. As for the Central Banks, it’s a wait and watch policy especially when the statement prescribes future decisions dependent on incoming data and uncertain global economic scenario. Though the rates are kept on hold, US economy with mixed signals might saunter into positive territory whereas Europe has a long way to go with its green shoots transforming into full-fledged flowering shrubs. For Japan, only strong political will can change its tumultuous economic progression. 

At the end of all of this, what does all of this mean for retail investors? Nothing much just be informed, I mean who is yawning or blinking or smiling.

As for stocks, fundamentalists don’t have to worry as even in the present uncertain turbulent economic times only fundamentals create wealth. 

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