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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Though I was a great fan of her’s since childhood, I never got a chance to write anything about one of the most charismatic leader of her times, Margret Thatcher. And so, I should be thankful to the current UK Prime Minister for urging me to go back to the golden years of Thatcherism. From a grocer’s daughter she became the first woman prime minister of United Kingdom. Had she been there at this very moment negotiating with EU Brexit Secretary, Michel Barnier, she would have said just three words, “ NO, NO, NO” which the EC had heard loud and clear in 1990.  Anyways, there would have been no BREXIT, WHY? Because she would never have promised a referendum to win an election. No referendum, no snap elections and no BREXIT. She would have simply said, “We are out, You Take Care of Yourselves”. And the people of Britain would not have been so uncertain about their future under her command especially the 18-35 year olds who voted for Labour.

Democracy is defined as, “Of the People, By the People and For the People”. This being one of the famous statements by Abraham Lincoln summarizes the inherent uncertainty in every national economy today. Though the power vested in the respective national governments is of the people and by the people but, Is it for the people, which is the major dilemma in every global citizen’s mind who struggles on everyday basis against racisim, gender inequality, religious intolerance or economic consequences of rising automation. But where has this “For The People” gone, was it ever there. Was it only followed by Gandhi, Karl Marx, Lincoln and thus forgotten like an unwanted ancestral article left in the attic and used only in celebratory speeches on national events.

Global economy has always been influenced or shaped by individual economic policies followed by powerful nations in the name of world economic stability inherently suiting their own economic agendas. Whether it was Bretton woods or Petrodollar system, World Bank, IMF or the EU formulated to amend the world pecking order have resulted in mass economic turbulence worldwide resulting in financial crisis plaguing the entire western world even today.

So, right now what should the Tories do, keep staring at the half empty glass or the lost 8 seats. For God’s sake its ALMOST A MAJORITY. While Mr DD (UK Brexit secretary) negotiates a soft landing for his country, his Premier can Google in her precious spare time of how the Indian Government managed its economic crisis in 1991 in spite of being in minority for five full fledged years. If that seems to be more time consuming, there is another option of just envisioning of what Baroness Thatcher would have done. Had she been alive, she would have taken this European bull by the horns to reignite the whole conservative party, not apologize publically and instead would have said, “You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning”.