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Monday, 11 January 2016


As the Chinese conundrum continues, our domestic indices are going through a roller coaster ride on daily basis. BSE Sensex fell 109 points or 0.44% and Nifty 50 declined by 0.49%. This volatility is going to stay. And do we need to fight it. No it has to be dealt with reason, knowledge and information. These are the three main pillars of stability in the present volatile financial scenario. As for the moment, for retail investors in India, global events not only provide opportunities but also lessons for improving their investment decisions. As for now, IIP and inflation data is going to be released later this week and most important, third quarter results have started from today.

Third quarterly results of FY16 will exhibit the so called benefit from declining oil and commodity prices and how much has been passed on to the consumers. Whether rural consumers have started loosening their purse strings or urban population has become the new growth engine especially for FMCG and auto companies. This quarter will let us understand, how much time do we still need to get these green shoots develop into shrubs. In other words has the private sector started spending and how much de-leveraging has been done by infrastructure and energy sector? Last but not the least, the banking sector, especially PSU banks will be scrutinized with respect to their stressed assets. Investors should get ready to identify fundamentally strong stocks to withstand volatility as only Fundamentals Create Wealth.  

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