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Friday, 4 December 2015


Nobody knows what will happen on 15th December, but atleast ECB has decided not to increase the monthly pocket money. As a result Mr Draghi, the Messiah of EU has upset everyone. Why? He did not increase the monthly bond purchases. Reducing the interest rates to negative 0.30% and extending the bond purchase program was not enough. Markets asked for liquidity and they fell when they didn’t get it. Unconcerned whether the Europe’s economy is recovering or that euro surged by 3% against the dollar, stock markets across Europe declined after the ECB meet.  

Stock markets are no longer the so called barometer of domestic economy. They are now the thermometer of liquidity in the system.  Charles Dow who first designed the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be having hiccups seeing the daily rise and fall of stock markets worldwide and the amazing monetary easing going on. So in these irrational financial times, retail investors like us need to be rational as only FUNDAMENTALS CREATE WEALTH.

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