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Thursday, 10 December 2015


This is no contrarian view that you need to go against the market. The behavior of the market over the last few sessions just forces you to think otherwise. Sensex has lost around 1000 points or 5% over the last five days. On Wednesday it fell 274 points and its counterpart Nifty by some 89 points. May be its general upheaval in the markets. Yeah it is really, But how?

Lets’s, first look at our in-house contribution. The GST conundrum continues, thanks to our political parties and now even the courts are involved. So DEADLOCK and the fate of other bills also seem uncertain. So the general feeling among the business community and markets is that nothing is moving. In addition to this, US FED, OPEC and China slowdown have become constants in this equation of global volatility. So what should we do, nothing, just bid our time. India is a fundamentally strong economy guarded by institutions like RBI, LIC and SEBI. Things will only improve from here with visible results by mid 2016. That is the reason why domestic investors are buying when FIIs are selling. By the way Sensex is already up by 180 points.

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